The Wedding of Eunice & Win Win

Every time we provide our musicians for a client’s wedding, we get the privilege of bearing witness to the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. We get to watch two people in love embark on a new adventure, and the moment where they share their speeches to family, friends, and each other is always touching.


Eunice and Win Win’s wedding was one filled with tears of joy and speeches from the heart. Accompanied by our musicians that evening at the regal Regent Hotel, the couple’s guests were entertained with a repertoire of soothing ballads in both English and Mandarin – suited to the tastes of every age present in the audience. As our vocalist, Hui Min filled the hall with her beautiful voice backed up by our keyboardist and bassist, the wedding programme was also facilitated by our emcee, Jo.


Thank you Eunice and Win Win, for allowing Vocalise to be a part of your beautiful matrimony. As with all our clients, we wish you a love-filled journey ahead!


Watch to see what went on at the lovely couple’s evening banquet:

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