The Wedding of Luke & Rie

We first met Luke and Rie a few years back during one of VOX’s public performances at a mall. Some time has since gone by, so we were pleasantly surprised when they contacted us to have VOX perform for their wedding solemnization and dinner celebrations. We of course said ‘yes’ to being a part of their cosy 2-day event!


The solemnization was held at Spago, on the 57th floor of Sands Skypark overlooking a most breathtaking view of Singapore in a cosy venue.

The couple met exactly 3 years prior to their solemnization date (5 Oct) and to tap on their romance, VOX performed a repertoire of love songs for this special occasion. As per the blushing bride’s request, our Music Director and First Violinist Lester specially arranged I Love You So Bad for her march-in.


Known for their edgy side in pop-rock glory, weddings are not typically on the menu for VOX. This also made Luke and Rie’s wedding celebrations a special performance for VOX to take on – showcasing a softer side of the usually louder quartet.

To showcase the quartet’s speciality – intense crossover mashups – the couple chose some of their signature pieces like Smells Like Teen Spirit x Schubert’s Death, The Maiden and Paint It Black

Day 2

The dinner celebrations for the couple was held at The White Rabbit. Decked out in rustic florals and tiffany chairs, the party featured VOX accompanying a photo montage of the couple, followed by a video animation put together by Luke to tell the tale of  how they met, fell in love, and all their adorable adventures in between.

We could not be happier to have broken the fourth wall between performer and audience forged a closer relationship with our listeners. Thank you, Luke and Rie, for keeping us in your thoughts even after years have passed. Our hearts are full, and we are so privileged to have been a part of your journey of love.

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Here are some highlights from Luke and Rie’s 2-day wedding celebrations!

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