Cosa Nostra @ The Kia Stinger Launch

We had a fun-packed Friday night at the launch of Kia’s ‘Stinger’ at the 1855 Bistro, where our DJ and saxophonist duo, Cosa Nostra provided upbeat music that no doubt captured the attention of the guests. The event name, ‘Obsessed with Perfection’ said it all as we viewed the beautiful Kia Stinger on display.

 It was easy to be drawn into the friendly and chill vibe of the 1855 Bistro. Apart from the delicious buffet spread and beer, the night slowed down with informative wine-tasting sessions that ran every half hour. The fun did not stop there, many were pleasantly surprised as The Muttons joined in to fill the place with their humour. There was even a Playstation where everyone could get into the fun of driving a sports car. Vernon himself could not resist having a go at the game!

Join in on the fun by watching the video below!








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