Vocalise String Quartet – Jianhao’s Proposal

Jian Hao is one of Singapore top influencers and is known for his comedy videos on Youtube. A CEO and founder of Titan Digital Media, he even launched his own charity, The Jianhaotan Foundation at the age of 22. 

The humble, happy-go-lucky persona that we know, is tying knot with his girlfriend of 3 years (now fiancé) and we got to witness and be part of Jianhao’s proposal which was planned solely by him and his team! Gathered together for this special occasion were Jianhao’s and Debbie’s family and friends whom help put together this day.

It all started when Jianhao approached us on Instagram, requesting for a String Quartet to play at his proposal. It was only a week to the proposal and the details were finally firmed. We managed to pull out the score for the requested piece, Can’t Help Falling in Love, in time!

Prior to her arrival, we managed to run a short rehearsal with everyone including our musicians, from the start of the “product launch” to the end of the proposal. 

We also saw many familiar YouTubers and social media influencers who were all excited and nervous. Dee Kosh, a Singaporean YouTuber, was acting as a host the “Sketcher x OnePiece launch event” (a cover to get Debbie into thinking that she was being invited to a media event). Ensuring minimal suspicion, he asked everyone to help themselves with ice cream and gather around the media to pretend that the launch is happening.

Our musicians were hidden at the end of the gallery route. Friends and family were hidden behind curtains and doors awaiting for the surprise! Everyone were anticipating for her arrival!


Additionally, they flew in their close friend from Vietnam acting as a conductor for the string quartet. Our musicians started off with “Cant help falling in love with you” as Debbie walked down the aisle of the photo gallery and “Canon in D” was played when Jianhao went on his knee to propose. When she said YES, everyone came out from all corners with party poppers celebrating this happy occasion!  Upon the celebration, our string quartet ended off with “Fly me to the moon”. 

It was indeed a touching moment to witness (check out Jianhao’s youtube video to see what went down that day). 

Here’s the link to the full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqDtUPEsq2w


Congratulation to Jian Hao and Debbie! Here’s wishing them a wonderful life together filled with joy and happiness!


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