Exclusive: V.EL Quartet


V.EL Quartet (short for Vocalise ELegance), formerly known as AMPER Quartet, is Vocalise’s all-ladies string quartet with a strong suit in melding Jazz and Classical works within their repertoire. The quartet has always been a go-to ensemble for creating an ambience of subtle allure and refinement for weddings and corporate events alike.

As one of Vocalise’s exclusive ensembles, these ladies are professionals in re-envisioning string quartet music while exuding poise and elegance.

Follow us on hashtag : #VELQuartet or Vocalise’s Socials 

Candlelight - Mozart's Best Works

We are honored to be part of Fever’s Candlelight Concert Series.

August Schedule

10 August 2021    Drama Centre

11 August 2021    Drama Centre

30 August 2021   The Arts House 

31 August 2021   The Arts House 

Client List

  • Calvin Klein – PVH
  • UOB Private Banking
  • Deutsche Bank 
  • Harry Winston
  • Singapore Yacht Show
  • Monte Carlos Yacht
  • Azimut Yachts
  • National Gallery Singapore