MacPherson Philharmonic Orchestra

MacPherson Philharmonic Orchestra (MPPO) is a community orchestra in Singapore, which is part of the MacPherson Community Centre. 

Its aim is to provide a platform for fellow musicians to grow and connect with the community. At the same time, to promote, develop, create awareness and interest, making music another form of universal language.

Formed in 2017, MPPO started off with the strength of 40 to the current membership of 70. The orchestra consists of members from students to educators and professional musicians. Despite the different walks of life and different playing skills, all members are willing to spend a portion of their time to come together once to twice a week for practice, making this music family possible. 

As an young orchestra, MPPO was fortunate to work with various groups and organisations such as The Istana, Singapore Botanical Gardens, Singapore Melo Choir and The Singapore – China International Business Organisation to name a few. All these could not have been made possible without MPPO’s very own Music Director, Mr. Lester Kong (Winner of the Smoky Mountain Conducting Competition and Pierre Monteux Prize in Conducting 2017). 

Mr. Kong is actively involved in the Singapore music education scene. He is currently the Instrumental Program Instructor of Stamford America International School and an Instrumental Consultant to the National Institute of Education in Singapore. Mr. Kong is also the Music Director of the Victoria Junior College String Ensemble since 2010