At Vocalise, our curated list of singers & musicians, each with their own style & strength, 

you can guarantee that we will provide the best quality experience at your wedding. Rest assured that we feature only the best in the industry.

Live Music at your wedding

Are you looking for quality live music entertainment for your wedding? 

Here at Vocalise, we bring to you premium live music entertainment at your solemnization and banquet/reception. We offer a variety of genres such as Classical, Jazz and Pop music that will suit your preferred mood at your wedding. All of our artistes are professionals who are highly experienced and proficient in their expertise and are always well-prepared for all performances. 

On top of that, our Vocalise team members will always be present with you and our artistes on-site to make sure your day goes perfectly! Let us be part of your dream wedding!

Vocalise string quartet (vsq)

Our popular in-house quartet, Vocalise String Quartet has been regularly performing for weddings and also the Candlelight Concert Series

These are some of VSQ’s performances:

In addition to the experience of all the members, VSQ will always be well-rehearsed in order to provide the best music experience possible for your wedding day.




*Click programme names to view their performance


With the harp being one of the iconic romantic instruments, our harpists have been bringing to couples romantic tunes to commemorate the once-in-a-lifetime event. 

These are some of our harpists performances:

With all of our harpists having years of experience playing the harp as well as performing, they are sure to enhance your wedding’s romantic atmosphere.
*Click programme names to view their performance

Vocalise jazz

Our Vocalise Jazz is also a popular choice of live music band for weddings. Our Vocalise Jazz offers instrumental as well as bands with well-versed singers. 

These are some of Vocalise Jazz’s performances:

With this specially curated band of professionals, Vocalise Jazz will definitely elevate the fun at your wedding. 
*Click programme names to view their performance

not sure what music you want at your wedding?

Reach out to us to get one of our wedding guides! If you are unsure of what you want, this booklet will guide you and also help you understand the entire process of having us at your wedding. It will provide you with a step-by-step overview of all the options available to you.

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