Oriental Strings

古弦坊 aka Oriental Strings is the culmination of Vocalise’s vision of traditional Chinese instruments in the performance of transitional genres of music. 

From a solo showcase to a 6-piece ensemble and beyond, Oriental Strings radiates asian refinement through the tasteful curation of instrumentation, musicians & musical arrangements. Music knows no limits and we hope to bring your listening and viewing experience to a whole new level with the resonance of these exquisite instruments of art.


Yuan Ting - Gu Zheng

Yuan Ting started Guzheng at the age of 5 and enrolled in The Affiliated High School of China Conservatory of Music at 12.  In 1997, she was named Guzheng Child Prodigy on a TV programme that featured China’s most talented kids. She has attained numerous accolades in national competitions, emerging as the Grand Solo Champion of the Guzheng Category for three years straight in the China Youth Music Competition. 

With 11 years of teaching experience, Yuan Ting is the founder of YT Guzheng Studio. She currently mentors school Chinese Orchestras and has led them to achieving excellent results in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF).

古弦坊 Oriental Strings Neil Profile

Neil Chua - Zhong Ruan

Neil was the first musician from the prestigious Shanghai Conservatory of Music to receive a Master’s in art/music (Ruan). His unique ability to bond different traditional cultures led to his participation in the Silkroad’s Global Musician Workshop, an initiative by Mr. Yoyo Ma. 

The first artist-in-residency for the inaugural National Arts Council Stamford Arts Centre Traditional Arts Residency Programme, Neil has performed in numerous international events and festivals, and has received several musical accolades. 

Neil founded RuanAtWorkz Musical Arts (R.A.W.), a charity that promotes traditional culture, music & art to inspire others in the rich culture of traditional music.

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