Learn music through play

Music Workshop for kids 3 to 6 years old

Christmas Edition Feat VSQ

Many thanks to those who came to attend our very first Bravo!! Special Edition! We hope the kids learn music through play and everyone enjoyed the activities. Our string quartet, VSQ put up quite a performance and we loved seeing the kids dancing in the studio! Here’s a quick recap of the workshop.

Here were the activities in stored :

For the first hour, we have activities specially designed for you to bond with your child and to learn music through play:

  • Singing and dancing along to nursery rhymes
  • Sing along to Christmas songs
  • DIY a Tambourine
  • Tapping out the pulse and imitating the rhythm from instruments

For this special edition, we had a 45min of interactive performance with VSQ.

Featuring Christmas songs specially performed by Vocalise String Quartet (VSQ), who have played at exclusive openings as well as prestigious State and Official Dinners at the Istana hosted by our President and Prime Minister respectively.


Workshop Venue:

Vocalise Studio

5A Pahang Street S198606

Stay Tune to more updates while we plan for our next workshop! 

Why Bravo!!

After every successful performance, what warms the heart of the artistes & performers to make them feel appreciated? The answer is simple – applause from the audience, a standing ovation, & of course, the cheer of “Bravo!!”

At Vocalise, we believe that music appreciation can be cultivated from young. Thus our co-founder, Ziline, decided to embark on a specially curated workshop series, targeting children between ages 3 – 6. Children are most responsive, and it is the best age for them to learn new things. Besides picking up an instrument, there are many other engaging ways for kids to learn music through play. Children can be intrigued though activities like song & dance, as well as craft.

With our access to musicians, we will create special concert segments where children will have up close experience with the different instruments, from Chinese traditional instruments to woodwind & brass. Through these concerts, we hope to increase the appreciation for music of all genres.

Chief Consultant - Caryn Cheong

Bursting with warmth and passion, Caryn, our chief consultant for BRAVO!! is a woman of many talents. Caryn has 15 years of music teaching experience. She obtained a Degree in Music Education and has been teaching music instrumental lessons and group classes for young children as young as 18 months old. Caryn was once interviewed by Today’s Parents (Singapore) on views of early childhood music education and was published in October 2007.

Caryn’s years of expertise has allowed her to become attuned with the needs of children, and what benefits them the most. She makes appropriate selection of teaching methods to encourage and stimulate interest in budding learners. As for the more advanced students, she uses more technical and challenging pieces.

Caryn feels the most fulfilled when she sees the smiles on children’s faces after learning something new. As a mother to her beautiful daughter, she believes that every child is unique and has different ways of learning. Caryn hopes to develop the musical growth and talent of every student in an encouraging and friendly way. This positive mindset keeps her brewing with creative teaching ideas and makes the learning process fun and engaging.

the format

With a 60 mins workshop, we hope that kids will learn music through play, bond with the parent & appreciate the music surrounding us.

  • Singing and dancing along to nursery rhymes
  •  Art & Craft : DIY an instrument using recycled or day-to-day items or
  • Science : Working with day to day items to create music
  • Tapping out the pulse and imitating the rhythm

Apart from workshops, we intend to hold seasonal concerts allowing families to get up-close & personal with musicians to learn more about individual instruments in an intimate and welcoming setting.

If you have any queries on Bravo!!, you can contact us at studio@vocalise.com.sg.