Join us on our music journey, every Friday at 9pm on YouTube! 


With our core belief that basic music knowledge can be cultivated from young, we create eye-catching and informative videos on our flagship YouTube channel, Vocalise Kids, fit for families with children ages 3 to 6!


Follow Music with Dionne as our little host, Dionne, will introduce :

  • Music Basics – from Clefs to reading Notes and clapping rhythm
  • Musician Series – Guest musicians will introduce their instruments, the range and characteristics. 

Parents can also find materials at home to make DIY Instruments and follow our Rhythm Practice videos of nursery rhymes to tap along. 


Learning the basics of music has never been easier and so much fun! 


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bravo!! Workshop

A kids workshop aimed to educate the next generation of music lovers. Learning is made fun and children will discover the wonderful world of music, DIY their own instruments and have a basic grasp.

We will be launching an online version soon, keep a lookout!