What’s Ahead

With our own space, Vocalise Studio is looking to build a community. The platform we have allows us to evolve from more than just music to help incorporate art into the lives of others.

For Kids

 Vocalise Kids aim to provide resources for parents to entertain & educate kids, introducing music basics and learning about instruments. Suitable for age 3 to 6 years old, there’s videos of DIY instruments with materials you can find at home and also “Music with Dionne” an introduction series to Music. 

We are currently developing and curating a series of programmes, starting off with BRAVO!! — a kids workshop aimed to educate the next generation of music lovers. Learning is made fun and children will discover the wonderful world of music, DIY their own instruments and have a basic grasp. 

For musicians & music lovers

The studio functions as a rehearsal spot for musicians, representing a common ground for like-minded individuals to gather and network, such as Strings Jam, Tutti Nights & Other Sonata starting in 2020. We strive to provide a creative environment where ideas are shared, and dreams are turned into a reality.

Click on the respective images for more info on the programmes. 

collaboration opportunities

To keep our content fresh and innovative, Vocalise has set its sights on working within lifestyle trends, such as exploring how classical music can tie in with yoga and pilates. Or perhaps, hosting wine appreciation gigs for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

Have a vision you would like to see come to life? Share your ideas with us, and we’ll work on making it a reality together.


Email us at studio@vocalise.com.sg to start exploring!