What kind of music will your wedding have?

Which radio station do you listen to?

Where do you usually shop?

What is your ideal way to spend time with friends?

Describe your relationship in one word

What kind of music will your wedding have?

You enjoy the simpler things in life and would rather have the calm sea breeze as an accessory than a ridiculously expensive diamond necklace. When you walk down the aisle, you would prefer to hear the warm, mellow tones of the ukulele, the authentic, down-to-earth sounds of a guitar, or the gentle yet resonant music of a harp.
Classical/ Jazz

You have an understated elegance about you - a certain je nai sais quoi. You want each and every one of your loved ones and friends to be able to witness the happiest day of your life. When you walk down the aisle, you would prefer the class and texture of a string quartet or a jazz band.

You have an eye for style and design, and being original is something you pride yourself on. When walking down the aisle, you want to take everyone's breath away. You would want to walk down the aisle to a song that truly defines your relationship as a couple. You may want an unique arrangement like a singer with a string quartet.
Pop/ rock/ dance

Even months before your wedding, you're giddy with excitement. You want people to feel relaxed and have fun to celebrate your special day with you. More than anything, you want to have a blast at your wedding. You would also want more upbeat songs that you and your friends can distinctly recognise and relate to.

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