MPPO’s Inaugural Concert: Musicbites

Last Sunday, MacPherson Philharmonic Orchestra (MPPO), founded and led by our Music Director, Mr. Lester Kong ( winner of the Pierre Monteux Prize in conducting 2017), hosted their inaugural concert, Musicbites, held at MacPherson Community Center Multi-purpose hall.

The hall was lined with 300 chairs and the orchestra set up on the stage as well as on the ground. Musicians were dressed in their concert best (in tux and gowns). It might be the first time that the hall has been glammed up.

MPPO Musicbites

Popcorn & candy floss were given out to the audience to enjoy during the concert as a way to move away from the strict concert rules and to connect with the community.

Ms Tin Peiling graced the concert and also revealed the orchestra’s banner together with Mr Henry Tee, Lester as well as MPPO Chairman, Jeffrey Ng.

To promote and develop music appreciation and for the music to become accessible, the repertoire chosen for the evening was a mix of classical & familiar pop / movie pieces, such as In the Hall of the Mountain King, Overture from Mozart’s Magic Flute, Star Wars, The Sound of Music, 80s Medley and Despacito.

The orchestra’s performance was a huge success and a great boost to the orchestra. Their performance calendar for the rest of the year is filling up and Vocalise is pleased to announce that we will be presenting MPPO at the Botanic Gardens on 7 Oct 2018. Stay tuned for updates!

Musicbites Lester

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