Hitting the Right Notes at Sands for Singapore 2018

From the 24th to the 26th of August, the Event Plaza in Marina Bay Sands was vibrant, flooded with music, lights, and people. Vocalise is proud to be back for a third year to present musicians at Sands for Singapore.

The Sands for Singapore Charity Festival is a 3-day annual event that raises money and awareness for a variety of Singaporean charities under Community Chest.

A highlight of the event was the festival in the Event Plaza, where nightly performances were held, featuring both bands and solo musicians. Also present were award-winning restaurants such as Bread Street Kitchen & Bar by Gordon Ramsay and The Bird Southern Table and Bar.

The first two nights were started off by solo singer Mersietee, who serenaded the audience with her sweet voice and ukulele. In addition to the songs she covered, Mersietee also gave us the opportunity to listen to some of her original pieces.

Next up was Supersonic, a 6-piece powerhouse that instantly captivated everyone. Charismatic and energetic in equal parts, the crowd steadily grew in numbers. In fact, by the end of the night, everyone was up on their feet, dancing along to hit classic YMCA.

On the last night, solo singer and busker Loong gave a taste of his raw and authentic musicality. He created a personal and memorable experience for audience members, sharing stories about his past in between pieces.

Ending off the festival with a bang were the HubbaBubbas, a post-acoustic trio. In their signature sunglasses, they performed pieces ranging from mellow indie songs to pop rock hits. The enchanting mix of beat-box, vocals and guitar enchanted audience members, many of whom stayed from the start of their first set at 8:15pm to the end of their last set at 10pm.

Over the course of three days, festival-goers experienced fun, excitement and relaxation, all while supporting good causes. It was a weekend they won’t soon forget.


We at Vocalise believe in creating a kaleidoscopic trove of everlasting memories. We understand that cookie-cutter style packages – while convenient – may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you seek a little more finesse or pizzazz for your event’s entertainment, Vocalise is here to help you realise that. If a particular artiste or instrumental set-up has caught your eye and you wish to discuss further with regard to any specifications, or you’re feeling overwhelmed by thoughts and ideas on what sort of live entertainment would be most ideal, feel free to chat with us! We’d love to hear from you, and we’d be more than happy to mix things up for your event.

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