Only a few more rehearsals to go before Music Day Out!

This Wednesday, the MacPherson Philharmonic Orchestra conducted a rehearsal, going through the set list for their concert during Music Day Out.

Have a listen to a brief section of Over the Moon, a piece commissioned by MPPO under Music Director Lester Kong. Over the Moon is dedicated to the aspirations of this young orchestra, written by composer Sulwyn Lok.


Since Over the Moon also requires a Chinese Orchestra section, we were joined by the Lok Ensemble.

The Chinese Ensemble

The hardworking musicians of MPPO have been rehearsing tirelessly for weeks for the concert and as the date of Music Day Out gets closer and closer, everyone is putting in their utmost effort to put on the best show they possibly can.

The Lok Ensemble together with Music Director Lester Kong (third from left) and composer of Over the Moon Sulwyn Lok (fourth from left)


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The songs that will be played during the concert include Over the Moon by Sulwyn Lok, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest arranged by Paul Lavender, Highlights from Moana arranged by Larry Moore, Teressa Teng’s Greatest Hits arranged by Kunihiro Sugiura, The Greatest Showman for Symphony Orchestra arranged by Ashley Tey, Selections from the Sound of Music arranged by Robert Russell Bennett, Despacito arranged by Lester Kong, William Tell Overture by Rossini and Music from Frozen arranged by Bob Krogstad.

Head on over to our Music Day Out page for more information! We hope to see you there!


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