Music Day Out Fringe Activities!

With only 2 more weeks left to Music Day Out, preparations are well underway! We’ve shared in a previous post about how our hardworking musicians from the MacPherson Philharmonic Orchestra (MPPO) have been rehearsing non-stop to put on a great show for you.

But right before the concert, we also have other activities for you and your child to have fun with, namely Hunt the Musician and Jack the Piper.

Hunt the Musician

We all know of the violin, the trumpet, and the flute, but did you know that there are many, many other instruments that form up an orchestra? From 5pm to 6pm, we’ll have a few of our musicians around Botanic Gardens for you to hunt down.

You’ll be able to learn about new instruments by identifying them in person before being able to hear them in action during MPPO’s concert later that evening.

Designing of the Hunt the Musician worksheet in progress

Task: Complete an orchestra seating chart based on the seating chart of the MPPO concert by locating musicians around Botanic Gardens and collecting stamps.

Psst: they may be anywhere on the grounds of the Palm Valley and even seated with their families. So keep a keen eye out for the musicians!

Jack the Piper

When we listen to a song on the radio, we tend to focus more on the vocals than the other instruments. That’s why we think it’s so important to appreciate and learn about all the instruments that form an orchestra (especially the lesser-known ones!)

From 5:30pm to 6pm, join us in dancing in conga lines, each led by a musician playing a different instrument.

No prior sign-ups are required for these fringe activities, just show up and have fun with us at Music Day Out on the 7th of October!


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