Music Day Out 2018: A Recap

Music makes the world go ’round, and last Sunday in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, we made sure to introduce children to a world of music. A crowd of more than 600 people amassed throughout the day and was filled with picnic mats and eager listeners by the time the concert started.

Not only did we bring musicians up close and personal with children and their families through Teacher Ping workshops and various fringe activities, the MacPherson Philharmonic Orchestra performed a full-length concert, including songs that were new and eye-opening, but also songs that were familiar tunes the kids already loved.

Before the concert, children were able to partake in various activities, namely Hunt the Musician, Jack the Piper, and Teacher Ping’s workshops. These let children explore the Palm Valley and learn on their own time to complete the activity worksheet and get upclose with various instruments in an Orchestra, such as the oboe and trombone. Interactivity was a key component for us thus we bring the music to the children, play songs they were familiar with.

Teacher Ping’s workshop allowed children to bond with their parents in a series of fun and games, using music to supplement both the learning and the playful aspect of the programme.

The grand finale of the day was a concert by the MacPherson Philharmonic Orchestra. The hour-long experience showcased classics such as The Sound of Music and Teresa Teng’s Greatest Hits, as well as modern movie favourites Moana and The Greatest Showman. Most unforgettable however, has to be the debut performance of Over The Moon, a piece written by Sulwyn Lok and commissioned by the MacPherson Philharmonic Orchestra under Music Director and conductor Lester Kong.

Over the Moon symbolises and is dedicated to the young orchestra and its aspirations. In the midst of the exuberance of chasing passions and aspirations, the piece also conveys the warmth and shared experiences with friends and families on our journey.

All in all, the event went by without too many hurdles and the smiles on all the children’s faces were enough to let us rest assured that our efforts were well worth it.

We thank our partners, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Teacher Ping and the MacPherson Philharmonic Orchestra for making this event possible.


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