The Wedding of Jeremy and Vivian

Jeremy and Vivian had the wedding of their dreams, taking place first in a beautiful church before transitioning to the exquisite ballroom in St. Regis Singapore.

Church Wedding

The morning service at Zion Presbyterian was the perfect setting to the warm, rosy and intimate procession in the morning.


Our string quartet, accompanied by a vocalist, played pieces to welcome the guests to the beautiful occasion, to accompany the bride down the aisle and even performed strong, resonant hymns to commemorate the celebration of marriage and of God.

Listen to the church wedding here:

Wedding Dinner

At the evening’s wedding dinner banquet, our string quartet entertained the guests once more. To make the couple’s night as memorable as possible, we specially catered the set list to their requests. Jeremy and Vivian marched in first to A Million Dreams and then to A Sky Full Of Stars. Although both these songs were not previously in our repertoire, our string quartet rehearsed them to make Jeremy and Vivian’s dream wedding come true.

Some guests liked our string quartet so much that they brought their children to the platform so they could hear the music up close. We couldn’t have been more honoured and overjoyed to be able to put smiles on their faces!

Have a listen to some of the quartet’s performances!

Behind the Scenes: Rehearsals

Practice, practice, practice, the key to all great performances. Prior to the actual day, rehearsals were held for the string quartet. The final rehearsal took place a few days prior to the wedding. Together with the singer, the string quartet rehearsed the church wedding set list and worked out the march-in sequence with the couple and their entourage.

Watch the process here, from the rehearsal to the march in!


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