Captain Marvel Fan Event

We had the absolute pleasure of working with Marina Bay Sands on Valentine’s Day, presenting Celebrity Host, Oon Shu An, to be on the Red Carpet for Captain Marvel Fan Event.

We caught glimpse of Brie Larson, Gemma Chan, Directors Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck and managed to get up-close with Samuel L. Jackson! 

Working with the team at Marina Bay Sands for Sands TV, Shu An interviewed fans from Singapore and neighbouring countries who had queued up days earlier for the tickets and arrived early to be right next to the red carpet. We saw fans who specially dressed up as the characters and some created artworks (which looked incredible) for the stars. While the fans anticipates the arrival of the Captain Marvel team, Shu An managed to connect well with the audiences. 

After the Red Carpet interview, we were at the designated ‘door stops’ for Sands TV, awaiting the arrival of the Stars. We were so thrilled that Shu An managed to interview George Tanasijevich, President & CEO of Marina Bay Sands, together with Tom Batchelor, VP & GM, Studio, at The Walt Disney Company.

Shu An with George Tanasijevich & Tom Batchelor

Spending valentine’s day with Captain Marvel at the Red Carpet, Shu An managed to get up-close with George Tanasijevich, Tom Batchelor and Samuel L. Jackson to find out more on their thoughts on this movie event. The huge crowd created an uplifting atmosphere that made this event so successful! 

Get an insight of the characters as Shu An sits down with the casts and directors of Captain Marvel at a one-to-one interview at Marina Bay Sands!

With courtesy of Marina Bay Sands

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