Vocalise Chinese Ensemble at TKC Corp Inc. Incentive Dinner

Vocalise had the honour to be the appointed agent to put together the entertainment for TKC Corporation INC Incentive dinner based on a brief. TKC Corporation is a Japan-based company principally offering products and services to accounting firms and local public organisation. 

We started off the evening with our Chinese quartet performing at the reception performing a variety of fusion pieces, which includes Havana, Just the Way You Are, Hey Soul Sister and Love Story. The mix of pop music with traditional instruments sparked interests in many guests as they crowd around the quartet taking photos and videos.  

Moving forward into the dinner banquet, Vocalise Chinese ensemble entertained the guests once more. We have added two more instruments to the quartet, making it a sextet. Freedom and Sehnaz Longa were specially requested by our client. Vocalise managed to put together the performance with the assistance of our arranger, Sulwyn, to arrange the scores and backing tracks for the requested pieces.  These specially arranged pieces packs a punch in flavour and fun for the guests. 

The melodies in each pieces has put the guests on their feet, bringing their children to the front stage, so they could hear the music up close. 

The guests enjoyed themselves and they have shown appreciation through their applause after each piece has been played. 

Have a listen of their performance! 

Due to the positive feedbacks, keep a look out for more on Vocalise Chinese Ensemble!

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