Highlights of Little Music Explorer

And with a final cheer from the audience, Little Music Explorer came to an end after months of hard work and planning. Thank you for joining us and we hope you had just as much fun as we did! Here are some of the highlights from that day.

Opening up with ‘Overture From The Hebrides’, the audience were treated to a laugh with the host, Mervyn Goh, entertaining as he sailed along to the beat of the orchestra.

Following that, kids were excitedly shouting out movie titles of the Disney songs played as the orchestra introduced different sections of an orchestra. It was a joy to see the faces lighting up in recognition as the audience sang along.

Of course, the concert included the iconic ‘Baby Shark’ where both parents and children alike were dancing along with the ushers on stage and at the aisle. It was an interactive and light-hearted performance. Not only did kids have fun, parents learned more about emotions with the helpful talks from Dr Chua.

The was even a guest appearance by Pikachu during the ‘Pokemon Go Medley’ which gathered the most laughs with the energetic movements by our Pikachu. 

Before the end of the piece, Pikachu took the podium and conducted MPPO. Definitely something new and refreshing to see.

Ending off the concert was the beautiful ‘Music From Frozen’ performance from the adorable kids choir, from Teacher Ping School of Music, as they stole the hearts of the audience by belting out tunes. 

What a way to end the show!

It was definitely a wonderful experience for Vocalise to be part of the first kids concert by MPPO. We hope to see you there for future programmes that we have planned for kids and families.

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