Alemay Fernandez performs for Damiani’s 95th Anniversary

On 6th November, Vocalise had the honour to present Alemay Fernandez, one of Singapore’s most well-loved jazz singers, at the celebration of Damiani’s 95th anniversary.

To celebrate the occasion, Damiani opened up their Italian luxury jewellery store to invited guests like Fanty Soenardy, Dr Loh May-Han and husband, and Gilbert Cheah for the evening event.

Aside from the casual refreshments and drinks, there was even a Gelato cart for guests!

Alemay Fernandez was invited to give a performance and she set the vibe of the night with her smoky rich and powerful voice. As guests mingled and browsed through the beautiful displays in-store, Alemay belted out jazz tunes and added to the fun of the night.

As her wonderful voice filled the boutique, the client decided to extend her set to last the entire evening.

Vocalise is proud to be part of such a celebration and we wish Damiani a happy 95th anniversary.

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