MacPherson Philharmonic Orchestra Performs For Beautiful Sunday At Esplanade

On 8th March, MacPherson Philharmonic Orchestra (MPPO), led by Vocalise Music Director, Lester Kong, performed at the Esplanade Concert Hall for Beautiful Sunday, a free monthly concert for members of the public.

The performance was titled ‘Fantasy Dreams’ and it was an hour-long afternoon performance where Singapore’s youngest community orchestra took the audience on a fantasy, dream-like magical journey.

You might have recognised some familiar tunes from your favourite Singapore television soundtracks such as Xiao Niang Re (The Little Nonya) and Good Morning Teacher.

MPPO also played tunes from the soundtracks of the Dark Knight Rising, Fantastic Beasts and Disney medleys, keeping to their fantasy theme.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, they played the iconic Wonder Woman soundtrack.

Vocalise would like to applaud all the musicians who played a part in this beautiful performance after months of hard work. On behalf of MPPO, we hope you enjoyed the concert as much as we did!

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