President’s Annual Diplomatic Reception with VSQ & Indra

Vocalise is honoured to present 3 string quartets consisting of members of VSQ and a pianist to perform at the Istana to be part of the President’s Annual Diplomatic Reception attended by High Commissioners, Ambassadors, Honorary Consuls-General and representatives of international organizations.

To warmly welcome the distinguished guests, the event showcases our local culture featuring our local dishes from several hawkers as well as some of our local music. Our specially curated repertoire features a combination of local Singapore songs to highlight our national identity of having a rich diversity of ethnicities and cultural heritage with some classical and jazz pieces.

VSQ worked through the repertoire with their quartet at Vocalise Studio with some of the pieces such as 细水长流 (Xi Shui Chang Liu), Bunga Sayang and Muunaeru Vaalibaa specially arranged for the evening by our passionate and talented musicians. Some of the other pieces performed includes Entrance of the Queen of Sheba, Theme From A Summer Place, La Vie En Rose and Fly Me to the Moon.

To leverage on existing grand piano in the room, Indra, the pianist for the evening, was also engaged to create a lively ambiance at the reception room. Indra showcased pieces from southeast asia with Dahil Sa’yo and  情人的眼淚 (Qing Ren De Yan Lei) along with our favourite NDP songs like Home and Singapura.

In preparation for this eventful day, the team worked on the repertoire, went on site visits, discussed with the client on the programming and prepared the logistics required. We also ensure that our musicians rehearsed the repertoire and are equipped with the information and resources to ensure a smooth flow on the event day. 

This engagement wouldn’t have been possible without our dedicated musicians who took the time for preparations and the trust from the team at Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) to deliver. We appreciate this opportunity to be able to share part of our local culture through music and hope the guests enjoyed the evening as much as we did. 

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