Ferrari 70th Anniversary: Driven By Emotion


70 years since Enzo Ferrari launched the 125 S, the brand has since grown to become one of the world’s finest makers of supercars.

This year, Ferrari celebrates a huge milestone with events specifically designed to be in line with the brand’s ‘Driven By Emotion’ concept in more than 60 countries – Singapore being one of them, and we could not have been more proud to take the stage alongside the latest limited-edition special:


The Laferrari Aperta

Only 200 units of this model will be sold as part of Ferrari’s 70th anniversary celebrations, with all sales being made via invitation. You read that right. One needs to be invited in order to own the supercar.

The black-tie event was exciting from the get-go, with guests arriving in their Ferraris – all dressed to the nines as dusk settled.


VOX was privileged to have been invited to be part of the celebration’s entertainment for the evening, and preparations for their performance were already underway before guests were seated!


Our quartet shared the stage with this beauty of an automobile and performed top hits from their eclectic repertoire including Rolling with Mozart and Summer, as well as crowd favourites Viva La Vida and I Gotta Feeling.


As the music hit its climactic end, the second car for the evening was unveiled from behind a simple white backdrop – allowing another of Ferrari’s masterpieces to fully steal the guests’ attention.


Presenting: The Ferrari 812 Superfast

The execution for the unveiling was impeccable, incorporating entertainment and just the right amount of drama to emphasise Ferrari’s major milestone.


We hope all guests had an amazing evening. We know we did. (;

Till next time, here’s Vocalise and our flagship quartet VOX, revving off!


All Photography Credits: Colossal Productions

Watch the highlights from the event here!


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