Passion Made Possible: VOX at Singapore’s new brand identity launch

Passion Made Possible – Singapore’s new brand identity for tourism was launched last evening in the presence of key stakeholders, industry partners, as well as media channels.


The new branding seeks to give new insight into an ever-present question that locals and visitors to our country attempt to answer time and time again –

What does Singapore stand for?

With the new identity taking over its predecessors such as Uniquely Singapore (2004) and Your Singapore (2010), a new era is represented and a new perspective is introduced to what Singapore is all about.


The key change in this new identity emphasizes on the stories of locals, the new tagline therefore sees a good number of local talents being part of the entourage that will represent our country abroad alongside Singapore Tourism Board’s promotion efforts.


VOX was honoured to kick things off for this monumental event with live performances from their signature repertoire.

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Photo Credit: Aloysius Lim

Some may know this, but for those who are new to VOX and the music they perform, crossover genres and melodies are a mainstay in this eclectic string quartet. In addition to being professional musicians in Vocalise’s flagship quartet, VOX’s members also hold full-time jobs in their respective fields.

‘Passion Made Possible’ therefore hits home for all of us as practitioners of the arts because it is precisely this passion for music that fuels our performances and drive to share this love with the masses.


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Photo Credit: Aloysius Lim

In addition to that, several other local labels and personalities were present at the event to showcase their capabilities – all to give an experiential aspect to how Singapore is now evolving to become a place known for more than just her infrastructure and transactional experiences.

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Photo Credit: Aloysius Lim

With the new tagline, we’re sure that more homegrown talents, brands, and labels will be able to represent Singapore alongside the many stories and experiences she has to offer. Needless to say, great new adventures are coming our way, and we definitely look forward to being a part of them.




We at Vocalise believe in creating a kaleidoscopic trove of everlasting memories. We understand that cookie-cutter style packages – while convenient – may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you seek a little more finesse or pizzazz for your event’s entertainment, Vocalise is here to help you realise that. If a particular artiste or instrumental set-up has caught your eye and you wish to discuss further with regard to any specifications, or you’re feeling overwhelmed by thoughts and ideas on what sort of live entertainment would be most ideal, feel free to chat with us! We’d love to hear from you, and we’d be more than happy to mix things up for your event.

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