A Christmas Music Special

Being the festive season, Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year and we could not be happier to spread joy to all our clients. While we still have a couple more performances to embark on before we jump into 2018, we’d like to share some of our highlights from earlier this month – including our long awaited performance by Lester & Friends at The Esplanade Concourse!

For starters, we were back at Harry Winston’s boutique with the amazing Alemay Fernandez as she lent her beautiful vocals in a Christmas jazz trio engagement.


Singing soulful renditions of holiday favourites such as Santa Baby, Winter Wonderland, and Sleigh Bells Ringing, our jazz trio provided a cosy accompaniment for the visiting clients of Harry Winston.


Have a quick listen to the soothing vocals of Alemay Fernandez and a peek into what the atmosphere at Harry Winston was like:

Following our cosy set up at Harry Winston’s boutique, we finally staged Lester & Friends’ very first performance at The Esplanade Concourse since the group was formed earlier in the year!

The ensemble is a new initiative helmed by Vocalise’s Co-Founder, Lester Kong, to share his love of creating music for the masses. The group features musicians that Lester has met through his journey as a musician and a conductor, and is a coming-together of like-minded individuals with a common vision to share music with their audiences.

As part of The Esplanade’s Celebrate December programme, we curated a repertoire to evoke feelings of kinship and friendship – a theme in line with this edition of the programme. After months of song arrangements and rehearsals, we were proud to have presented the segment entitled Lester & Friends: All Strings Attached

Photo by: Aloysius Lim
Photo by: Aloysius Lim

The repertoire included pieces relatable to varying age groups (from toddlers to grandparents) in the crowded concourse area that day. In line with Christmas, the ensemble also performed a light selection of festive pieces such as Santa Claus Is Coming To Town as well as Little Drummer Boy.

Photo by: Aloysius Lim

It was great to see the expression of kinship come to life as audiences clapped along to the pieces they had come to know and love. For us, seeing the bright smiles on everyone’s faces (and of course the amount of recording devices pointed at the stage) kept our passion for music burning even brighter.

Photo by: Aloysius Lim

We’ve still got a couple more gigs to go and we’ll be sure to post those highlights up for more event inspirations, but in the meantime, we’re sending you a little bit of the Christmas spirit through the best bits of Lester & Friends’ recent show:

From all of us at Vocalise, here’s wishing you…



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