Define Your Wedding Mood Through Music

Think about the last song that you listened to, how did it make you feel? There is a commonly unrecognised characteristic of music that many couples tend to forget, and that is, what we listen to affects how we feel and behave. This unique power that music has is why couples should pay attention to their wedding repertoire. Even as a background accompaniment to the wedding celebration, music has the ability to influence each person’s course of action.

Music facilitates our actions, from the type of social behaviour, to the subtle body movements associated with dancing. Visual elements such as the venue’s design and architecture as well as the colours utilised in the wedding decor aid in evoking certain sentiments (think: sweet pastels = romance, or how the colour blue brings a sense of calm to the room). Music, however, is the essential finishing touch that brings the whole package together.

What we listen to sets the ambience of the venue and generates emotions in us. Visualise a fast- paced song like ‘ Everything’ by Michael Buble being played by a live band at your wedding cocktail reception. The ambience is bound to be groovy and energised. Now imagine a transition to a slow paced song like the famous ‘La Vie En Rose’, being played by a string quartet. The mood undoubtedly shifts towards a more tranquil and relaxed one as mellow feelings are brought out from the audience.

Let us further illustrate this interesting shift in mood that few are frequently aware of by bringing you through some possible settings you might like to have for your wedding day.

Jazz music possesses an infinite amount of ensemble settings. Vocalise’s jazz artistes range from cosy duos and trios for smaller spaces to full sized jazz bands for added finesse. With instruments such as the saxophone, trumpet and keyboard being performed in tandem (and oftentimes alongside veteran vocalists), jazz music is often known for its improvisational style and artistic interpretation. The feel in a jazz-filled space is therefore able to be both eclectic and comfortable to a wide range of audiences.

Progressing into classical music, this genre is rich historically and artistically. Having stood the test of time, classical music creates an ambience that can be likened to the glittery elegance of a fairytale ending. The sound of string instruments like the harp, violin, viola, and cello evoke feelings of romance with elegant grandeur – making it a popular choice for first marches where the spotlight will definitely be on the couple of the day.

Ending this part of our Nostalgia series with a bang, pop music takes priority as the go-to genre for feel-good party vibes. is an obvious one. Often accompanied by catchy rhythms that gets stuck in the listener’s mind, pop music is a good recommendation when clients would like to have something that brings zest and life to the later half of their wedding celebrations! You wouldn’t want your guests to just nod-off into a food coma after chowing down on all that good food would you? With familiar tunes from the top charts accompanying your guests, most, if not all would be able to identify with a tune here and there. You might even find some of our guests singing along and subtly tapping their feet to the beat.

With all that being said, don’t forget to tap into the nostalgic element of music – be it classical, jazz, pop, or something in between. Craft your perfect setlist and let our live musicians do the rest while you take your first dance as a newly-wed couple.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to plan your wedding music!


We at Vocalise believe in creating a kaleidoscopic trove of everlasting memories. We understand that cookie-cutter style packages – while convenient – may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you seek a little more finesse or pizzazz for your event’s entertainment, Vocalise is here to help you realise that. If a particular artiste or instrumental set-up has caught your eye and you wish to discuss further with regard to any specifications, or you’re feeling overwhelmed by thoughts and ideas on what sort of live entertainment would be most ideal, feel free to chat with us! We’d love to hear from you, and we’d be more than happy to mix things up for your event.

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