Your Memory Journey: Relive favourite moments through music

We often attach emotions to music. The next time you listen to a song, pay attention to how it makes you feel. Each song is bound to hit you differently. Some songs might get your feet dancing while others very well cause you to tear up with emotions.

What if you could influence the sequence of your thoughts and feelings through music? Through crafting a memory journey which encompasses certain memories and emotions, an event’s mood and ambience can be positively impacted.

To craft your memory journey for your wedding day, start by going through this concise list of questions:

1) When a certain song plays, what emotions do you feel?
2) What memories are brought to mind?

Some songs are more sentimental than others. Let’s say you lovebirds shared your first kiss listening to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’. Chances are you both get a warm and fuzzy feeling every time the song comes on radio. That’s because it’s only natural for us to attach emotions and memories to music. We ascribe meaning to situations that have impacted us on a sentimental level.

It would be amazing if you could project this sentiments during your wedding day? You both could create a series of emotions that walk you through the moment you fell in love, to the in-between chapters of your love story, and to the best moments that have led up to the first steps as newly weds.

With the great power that music gives you, take the opportunity to arrange a series of feel-good moments by carefully choosing your soundtracks for the night. It is a beautiful practice that we encourage you to experience. It adds sentimental value to your wedding day by conveying your feelings for each other through the intangible beauty of music.

Take time to find the playlist, genre and tempos that represent the affection and passion that you have for each other. Sieve out songs that would make an impact for a night worth remembering, and create even more impactful memories to accompany the both of you on this new chapter.

Different genres of music also inspire different moods in different people and events — including your wedding. To find out more, follow us to keep a look out for our next post which discusses the relationship of music and ambience!

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