Wedding Music : Choosing your playlist

After booking the band for your wedding, what should you look out for and check with the band? Let us walk you through it.

Must Play Songs

You book the band who plays the songs you love. But do not forget to provide the band with the list of songs that you would like to be played during the reception or the banquet. Check with the band if they can learn the songs you want that are not in their repertoire. Remember to give them ample time though, do not spring the list on them last minute.

These are the few special moments you can plan a song for:

1) First March in / Cake Cutting

Cake Cutting.jpg

2) Second March in / Champagne Pouring & Cross Toast

Champagne Toasting.jpg

A tip for the March in

Have you ever attended a wedding where you were standing for a ‘long time’ after the announcement of the march in, left wondering when the doors are going to open for the couple to make their entrance? Yup, it can be quite an anti-climax.

If you would like to march in at the chorus, let the band know, they will shorten the piece, just enough to build the climax to your march in, thus keeping the part meaningful to you and your guests happy.

3) First Dance

First Dance 2.jpg

If you are planning for the first dance as a couple, choose a song that’s not too long. Five to six minutes may sound short to you but for your guests, it may be a tad too long, especially when there’s no choreography involved. You may realize four minutes can feel like forever if you are just swaying and rocking back and forth.

Speak with your band to shorten the song, focusing on the parts that are important to you both (perhaps the verse + chorus) and the duration.

It will be good to get a recording prior to your wedding to run-through. But do check if there are any fees associated.


Above are just some of the areas to look into. If you have any questions or topics, do let us know by emailing us at and we may write about it.



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