Electric Violin with DJ

On 7 July, Vocalise was at the launch of Kilo Longue’s new brunch menu of fusion food. At this hidden gem tucked away in Tanjong Pagar Road, our co-founder, Lester Kong, was on the electric violin for this gig. 

It was an impromptu session, as Lester whipped up spur-of-the-moment tunes on his violin as Kilo Longue’s in-house DJ spun some tracks. There was no song list to follow, so everything was solely based on his own creativity. Pretty impressive for a live duet performance! Especially one that had no prior rehearsal.


It was a unique combination of tunes, creating a chill relax vibe, almost like we were not in Singapore! Guests were chatting away while sampling the new menu and many were enjoying the improv that Lester was playing, adding to to the subtle background music that still had its presence.

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