Our 11th anniversary – A walk down memory lane

As Vocalise approaches our 11th year together as a family this August, let us take a quick trip down memory lane to reminisce how our adventure first begun. With a goal to provide classical music to our clients, we have since evolved to offer much more.

The first two years were the toughest, with the mission to establish ourselves and the market already filled with competitors. Even after the formation of Singapore’s first pop rock string quartet, VOX, we faced criticism to switch our violinist to a female. Despite that, we stayed firm to our choice and listened to our gut feeling – something that makes us unique, as we prefer to engage more in the uncharted territories of sorts.

Eventually, VOX received its big break after performing for Lexus and playing at the paddock club for F1. We were finally being known for who we truly were!

As Vocalise started to expand, so did our group of bands, artistes and emcees. Since 2008, we have worked with various brands for many different events. Our clients include: the Istana, Zouk, DBS, Cartier, Marina Bay Sands, and SPH, just to name a few. VOX has also received the opportunity to appear on the radio and travel to KL and Vietnam for gigs.

Adding on to our list of proudest accomplishments, Vocalise played at a pop orchestra that seated a 45,000 audience last December, performed for a sold out concert at the Esplanade and most recently, we single-handedly pulled off Music Day Out (MDO)! It was a free event to introduce the next generation of music lovers into the magical world of classical music and instruments. Thankfully, our hard work paid off and we managed to attract an audience of over a 1,000 people!

Here at Vocalise, we would like to thank you for your support over the years. We will continue to innovate and work hard to deliver our promise of satisfaction. We are intending to expand from MDO, to create more kids programmes and to be a classical music incubator for young aspiring artistes. Also, we are looking to move to a new spot, which will open up more opportunities for the future.

Sit tight and join us as we continue embarking on our adventure. Watch this space for more!

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