Imelda & Vocalise Jazz Band Perform For Verita At ParkRoyal Collection Pickering

On 20 January, Vocalise had the pleasure to present Imelda and Vocalise Jazz Band for Veritas’s Chinese New Year Dinner at ParkRoyal Collection Pickering.

Fitting in with the CNY season and adding to the festive spirit, Imelda and band performed two sets. Starting with an upbeat one, they performed songs like “Da Di Hui Chun” and “Ye Lai Xiang”.

Easing into softer songs, “Fly Me To The Moon” and “What A Wonderful World” was sung.

With Imelda’s rich and versatile voice complimented by the band’s smooth instrumental blends, it set an energetic and joyous mood.

It was a wonderful dinner, and Vocalise is proud to have been part of it. This CNY Day 12, let Vocalise wish you a Happy Lunar New Year! May this year be smooth sailing and a healthy one for you and your loved ones.

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