Vocalise Studio Presents Strings Jam

Due to Covid -19 and in view of everyone’s safety, organisers are postponing and cancelling events. There is no denying the impact on our industry but that will not stop us from working.

With that being said, here is an event that we intend to launch this year!

Join us for Strings Jam, aimed towards building a community of string musicians.

We noticed that every other genre have platforms like open mic nights and jam sessions for their musicians to get together, but what about classical musicians?

Well, they deserve to have fun too! Already trained in reading scores, why not come meet and play with others? 

We are looking for musicians with a strong foundation and good sight-reading skills, or if you would simply like to make music with like-minded peers.

Working adults who used to play a string instrument and would like the opportunity to pick it up and play again are welcome too! 

Aimed to be conducted quarterly, Strings Jam is a 2 hr 15 mins session of dinner, networking and a surprise 4 to 5 pieces to jam to. Each session costs $25 but sign up for 4 sessions at $20/each. 

Follow https://www.instagram.com/vocalisestudio/ for updates. If you have any queries, contact us at hello@vocalise.com.sg. 

See you soon!

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