Wedding Surprise: Wedding of A & P with Vocalise Jazz

Considering a surprise for your guests and significant other? Let us bring you through our journey working with the talented groom to make it happen!

Vocalise Jazz was presented with an opportunity to be part of a surprise at the Wedding of A & P where the groom prepared 2 songs – Everything and Sway by Michael Buble as a surprise for the bride and their distinguished guests. 

To ensure the best performance was staged, the groom rehearsed for the pieces at a jamming studio with the band to work out and make changes to the original rendition of the songs, according to the groom preferences with some insights from the band on what works best.

On the wedding day, the groom found a suitable time in his busy schedule without spurring suspicions from the bride, to meet the band for a final runthrough before its showtime! As the events of the evening progresses, so is our anticipation for the special segment.

Vocalise Jazz set the ambiance for the evening with wedding classics such as Can’t Help Falling In Love, Isn’t She Lovely and Can’t Take My Eyes Off You with our lovely singer, Karen Xavier. With the cue from the wedding planner, our singer introduced the groom to join the band on stage. 

The bride and the guests was met with a surprise and cheered on the groom as he performed the pieces with style. It was heartwarming to see the family enjoy the performance and hit the dance floor to end the night with a bang before they transition into the afterparty.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the active communication with the hardworking team from The Wedding Concepteur to arrange for rehearsals as well as coordinating on the wedding day for the perfectly timed surprise! 

Get in touch with us at to start planning your wedding surprise! We promise we won’t tell ~


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