Your First Dance: How much does it mean to you?

Have you ever been diagnosed with the good old : ‘Music-evoked nostalgia’?

Let’s go back to the last time you heard a song that you felt sentimental about. The flashbacks, the feelings and the utter joy, all relived in a beautiful memory. A memory you hold so dear that you’re absolutely delighted to have the capacity to even recall and feel the warmth that comes along with it. Many of us do not realise that music is a key trigger to nostalgia. However, why is it that some songs evoke nostalgia while others do not? It all depends on how fond and dear you hold a memory to you.

Now imagine yourself 30 years from now, listening to the song that you and your soulmate danced to on your wedding day. In other words, the song of your first dance as husband and wife.

How symbolic is this first dance to you? The dance where you as bride and groom first share intimate contact to celebrate your promise of love and commitment. The dance where you both will drift into the arms of each other, in a way like no other. It is not an everyday occurrence that you get a moment dedicated to a fresh start to the rest of your life.

Dancing captures the excitement and happiness of weddings. Everyone’s listening experience is different with every song. We, as individuals, interpret songs differently and attach feel our own unique set of emotions and sentiments when a song plays.

As the saying goes, invest in experiences and not things. With that, why not invest in the irreplaceable memory of your first dance by tailoring the song to the very way that you would like to remember the moment to be? The right tempo, the right beats and the right emotions. Invest in music and you could possibly carry magnificent feelings with you for a lifetime. All you will need to do is press play and listen.

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