Wedding Moments Enhanced Through Music

Music has the power to create and change the mood of an event, an occasion, and allows one to really capture the significance of that special moment. Here we have a few wedding moments which we feel can be enhanced through music.

Bride’s March-in

bride march in

When you see a bride marching-in down the aisle in her beautiful wedding gown, it is almost immediate that Mendelssohn’s Wedding March comes to mind. This is a moment where all eyes are on the bride, and having the tune of the Wedding March played definitely enhances the experience. However, it is undeniable that times are changing and it is becoming a common scenario for brides to arrange to march-in to a pop song. Be it the traditional ‘Wedding March’ tune or a song unique to you and your significant other, the march-in is definitely a wedding moment we believe is enhanced through music.

Couple’s First Dance

couple first dance.jpg

The first dance is something that everyone, and especially the couple will remember for the rest of their lives. It is a symbolic dance that signifies and holds the promise of love and commitment.

Father-Daughter Dance

father daughter dance.jpg

It is said that a daughter is a father’s past lover. For a father, nothing beats seeing his precious daughter grown up and happily married to someone that he knows would be able to care for his daughter for the rest of her life. Hence this dance between a father and his daughter can make one pretty emotional.

Surprise Performance for Bride/Groom

surprise performance.jpg

This is one that may not apply to all couples, but nonetheless a sweet and meaningful moment if executed. It could be that the groom has secretly prepared a song to dedicate to his beloved, or that the bride has planned a surprise performance for her groom. Even though the outcome of the performance may be unpredictable, the surprise factor and thoughtfulness behind the idea is enough to make one remember that performance on their wedding day even after many years down the road.

These are just a few moments which we thought could be enhanced through wedding music. We are always ready to help you plan your wedding music, so feel free to drop us an enquiry if you have any!

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